The Trachsel name represents
40+ years of business history in Salem Oregon

In the Salem community, the Trachsel name is synonymous with honesty, integrity, and quality of workmanship. 

In 1973 Trachsel Buick opened as a car dealership. In 2003 when Howard Trachsel retired and sold back his dealership franchises, Brian Frazier decided to purchase the body shop, which had continued to operate in its location close to but separate from the Trachsel dealership.

Today Trachsel Body & Paint remains an independent business, but has maintained close ties to car dealerships in the area, and does a lot of repairs for dealers under their warranty programs.

In addition to dealer referrals, Trachsel attracts business through community involvement by sponsoring local sports teams and through radio ads. Owner Brian Frazier said of the radio ads “I think it’s been good for us, I have people all the time when I’m around town say, ‘I hear you on the radio all the time.’

Trachsel Body & Paint is family owned and operated by Brian and Rhonda Frazier.

Brian Frazier says “as an owner I have 30+ years experience in the auto body and paint industry. I have operated as a manager for the full duration. This history has given me a thorough understanding of all aspects of the Autobody & Paint business

We Don’t Skimp When it Comes to Auto Body Repairs.

All the equipment is on-site for both major and minor repairs including a Car-O-Line frame rack with a measuring system. We use the best equipment and the best parts and supplies.

Trachsel’s goal has always been to strengthen our relationship to the motoring public by providing excellent service resulting in a superior finished product. Promoting the interests of our customers is our top priority.

We focus on the quality of the work we perform in the auto body and auto paint profession, and we provide the customer service and satisfaction that people expect from first-class professional automotive technicians. We are certified in GM and Nissan auto body repair and warranty work.